Peace cover you, within without the same,

In shining silence and in peace so deep

No dream of sin and evil can come near

Your quiet mind. And then in stillness wake.

First there is silence; then awakening.

Now is the time appointed for the end

Of dreaming. Still the cradle where you come

To be reborn. The Christ is stirring in

The home that He has chosen as His Own.

His vision rests upon your eyes, and soon

You will behold His face, and will forget

The fantasies that seemed to be so real

Until the stillness came. The Son of God

Has come to join you now. His shining hand

Is on your shoulder. And God's silent Voice

Speaks ceaselessly of Heaven. You will hear

His single message calling to His Own

From His abiding place, to wake in God.

By Helen Schucman
by hagiel | 2010-03-11 19:51 | ヒーリング、ACIM
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