Cordelia`s Love


Forgiveness is still and quietly does nothing.、
It merely looks and waits and judges not


The ego is a great doer. It likes a lot of effort.
The Holy Spirit doesnt compel or demand.
It is Cordelia`s Love and be silent.

This Course asks you to do nothing.
Together we have the lamp that will dispel the ego`s thought system.
Look at what you believe.
If you keep looking you will see nothing there.
If you look at it, you will see beyond it to the light of the atonement…
but you have to look at it

Cordeliaはシェイクスピア ”リア王” 3人姉妹の末娘の名前です。
by hagiel | 2010-03-19 17:39 | ヒーリング、ACIM
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