Saint Teresa

10月15日はStaint Teresa of AvilaのFeast day.
Teresa of Avilaは16世紀スペインの尼さんでありMysticです。

Saint Teresa of Avilaの神との完全なる融合、その神秘的な体験は500年の時を超えて


St teresa of Avilaの美しい詩、I would cease to Be を記します。

God dissolved my mind-my separation

I cannot describe my intimacy with Him

How dependent is your body's life on water and food and air?

I said to God,”I will always be unless you cease to Be”

And my Beloved replied,

”And I would cease to Be if you died”
by hagiel | 2010-10-15 03:17 | ヒーリング、ACIM
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